Olivier Derouetteau

Olivier Derouetteau

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First Name * Olivier
Last Name * Derouetteau
Username * olive2d
Country * France
City Paris
Nationality French
Languages French


Areas of Expertise Games ComputerGames Console
Preferred Tools Art DirectionDesignEnvironnement designIllustration Photoshop3ds maxTexturingConcept artGame.


Website www.olive2d.fr


My Name is Olivier Derouetteau, I am 41 years old.
II have worked as art director for many childrens projects for licensors like Disney, Universal, Ubisoft during my 12 years of video game experience... I have worked sometimes as gamedesigner, designer, illustrator and autor :-)
I like searching new game concepts, designs, ideas...create!

Illustration is a personnal passion just for fun, just to dream...

To see more >> my website >> http://www.olive2d.fr
My Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/OlivierDerouetteauArtist


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